A Unique Classroom Reunion for One Waukee Middle School Teacher

Maddie Green is in her second year of teaching science at Waukee Middle School. She’s loving every second.

“I want to inspire children to change the world,” says Green.

However, teaching science wasn’t always Green’s top option. That changed during a “lightbulb moment” midway though college.

“I was tutoring students on campus and I was like, why am I not thinking about being a teacher?” says Green. “That changed my whole life path from that point on.”

Maddie returned home to teach, not just to her home town, but to one of her home schools. The 2015 Waukee High School graduate began her teaching career at Waukee Middle School, where she once was a student in 2009 and 2010.

“I teach next door to one of my former teachers, so that’s interesting and fun,” says Green.  

The full circle story is only just beginning

“I was a student in the classroom I am now teaching in, which is a unique experience,” says Green.  “I never dreamed that this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life.”

Maddie admits it wasn’t a dream then, but it is now. Her view of education has changed, in a really cool way.

“If I could go back and rewrite that part of my life, you know I would,” says Green. “I have the power to do that now with my current students and make sure they are having fun and feel safe at school.”

Maddie will teach 170 students this year. Her number one goal is to make sure every single one has a spot in her classroom.

“This is a huge building and I feel like it’s easy to get swallowed into the mix and feel like I’m just one person in this building,” says Green. “We all have an impact on what we want this building to be like. They are valued and loved and cared for by me.”